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Review, Assessment and Analysis
Review, Assessment and Analysis

Website development is the process of creating, developing, maintaining and designing a website to make it attractive and user-friendly by the search engine parameters. It is essential to have an SEO friendly website, to run a successful business. Our tech experts design and plan aesthetical websites that can do wonders for any business or service. Firstly, they understand the necessities and client requirement and later on come out with unique solutions as per the functional needs of every customer business. We at Beena Technosoft, help you produce relevant themes and comprehensive interactive interfaces and help our clients connect with their audiences better.

Design and development
Design and development
The purpose of a website is to attract traffic by providing the information that any person browses. Additionally, it is the design and user-friendly interface of the site that finally converts the traffic into taking the desired action. On the contrary, visitors bounce back within seconds, if they find a website irrelevant or lacking the information they want. A successful website is the one that grants a reason to the visitors to stay back and browse. It is essential to have an eye-catchy as well as easily accessible interface to entice the audience. Keeping the above fact in mind, we ensure a planned workflow and streamlined processes and therefore, incorporate the latest technology in coming out with innovative ideas.

Implementation and Testing
Implementation and Testing

We take each customer request on a case-by-case basis. Hence, it becomes our priority to serve the best to everyone who comes to us. Proper and timely testing of all the software is our goal while developing a product. We take care of the fact that there are no technical glitches in the end product and providing error-free services is always our mission. Plus, our products ensure increased productivity and interactive communication.Not only this, but our web designers and developers have the expertise to improve the look and SEO of an existing site to improve your Return on Investment.We have expertise in designing various e-commerce sites, E- Brochure websites, etc.

Though you have a lot of options available and there are many service providers in the market, we not just offer you the end products but a promise to lend you a helping hand whenever you need! If value-for-money is what you are looking for, then come to us without hesitations. We are there to serve you the best at best prices.
Easy configurable options
Web Development
We are an IT service provider for corporate as well as individuals who seek website related services viz. Web designing, portal management, portal maintenance, etc. We offer time bound and cost effective services that add value to your business. Thus, our domain experts create web development services that are of international standards. Our team of professionals develops enterprise-level intranets, extranets, and workplaces that involve cross-functionality. Our websites ensure seamless workflow with no technical faults or glitches. On the other hand, we also help in maintaining your existing websites and interfaces by incorporating changes that are essential for the successful running of your businesses.
Web Designing
Web designing is an art and the one who masters this art gets the desired result within no time. However, it is easier said than done as none in this world of IT and website designing has been able to perfect this art that requires dedication and hard work of highest level. Our professionals that come from diverse backgrounds with years of experience work in a synchronized fashion to produce website designs that speak for themselves. Our mission is to provide the best user-experience to every person hopping on the website of our clients. We develop websites that enable not just a heavy influx of traffic from the relevant audience but also convert that traffic into value for the businesses of our customers.
Portal Development
A web portal serves as a platform for the customers to engage with any business or services online or through the mobile devices. Hence, if you are also looking for better ways to connect and collaborate with your customers then take our help. Our expertise lies in developing modern and efficient web portals that serve the sole purpose of any website i.e. customer attraction and engagement.It is, therefore, said that ‘Content is the King.’ We understand this fact that web content publishing involves a rigorous process and thus the portal should support heavy content flow. To provide seamless content management, we build portals that are well-established for instance Joomla, Refinery, WordPress, Drupal, etc.
Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

Web Development is one of the fastest growing domains in IT industry

We are one of the prominent website development agencies in the Delhi/NCR. Within a span of 4 years, we have made our mark in the world of IT Services. We are a team of skilled professionals who work hard to achieve client satisfaction. Our approach remains customer-centric, and we clearly understand each client requirement and then offer them high-class results. We understand the value of any brand or business, and therefore put all the hard work to maintain and improve the brand image of our customers with our website development services. We work in a cross-functional team of programmers, data and business analysts to make your dreams come true and provide you world-class solutions.

Our Web-Design & Development Approach

We not only develop websites; we try to build online image of your company in front world.

Website is an online representation of a store where the complete information about your business and offering is done. It is an online brochure that showcases your product line and highlights your policies, terms, and conditions in an eye-catchy manner. Consequently, your website draws your customers near you thereby driving sales and pitching in newer customers with the passage of time. We at Infotachus deliver high-quality web solutions that suit your needs. Our highly skilled developers come up with out-of-the-box results. Our focus remains on the following parameters:
  • Attractive website with GUI or Graphical user interface
  • Originality with no imitation
  • User-friendly interface
  • We develop appealing web solutions to enhance your overall web ranking and increase your customer base. We aim not only to retain people's attention on the website but also to ensure a long term impression about your offerings.
  • Our Working Style involves
  • Quicker and Faster Development Process to prevent dilly-dally approach
  • Quality Check at every stage of the development process
  • Test driven development
  • A Team of experienced professionals that ensures quality work
  • 24*7 Support from our customer care professionals
  • Web-Design & Development Approach
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